The TUMwoodHUB is a spatial structure made of wood. It represents the TUM.wood Group and is intended to further promote its external impact. The spatial installation will be presented for the first time at the International Wood Construction Forum 2019 in Innsbruck.

As part of the seminar series 'Special Topics in Timber Construction' at the Chair of Design and Timber Construction, students from the Master's program in Architecture at TUM developed a spatial structure, the TUMwoodHUB, in cooperation with master students of the carpentry trade from the Munich Municipal College of Construction Technology. The focus is on the use of innovative and/ or traditional methods that holistically represent timber construction. The walk-in installation consists of about 800 linear meters of spruce rods with a cross-section of 40x40 mm, which meet at a point in a grid of 35 cm, thus forming a three-dimensional grid structure. The node was specially developed by students and master students. In order to meet constructive-design issues, such as the possibility of quick assembly and disassembly, easy transport and the smallest possible storage volume when disassembled, the node is designed to be detachable. Two-dimensional prefabricated frame elements are connected by crossbars, which are secured with a 'wood in wood' connector made of oak. The node connection - a multiple notched overleaf - follows a thoroughly traditional method, but in the frequency of its repetition (781 node points) it can only be economically produced using modern manufacturing methods.

Realization is significantly supported by the Staatl. Berufliche Schulzentrum in Immenstadt, Allgäu and the Holzforum Allgäu e.V. The Berufliche Schulzentrum in Immenstadt has taken over the CNC production of the nodes (workload >100h). The Holzforum Allgäu e.V. has contributed to the realization through great organizational support and donations. Many thanks!